Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Meetings

The Internet and the availability of different software programs have allowed companies to conduct online meetings whenever they want. Online meetings seem very interesting especially that it comes with a lot of benefits. Then again, as with any other setup, virtual meetings also have cons. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of conducting meetings online and judge whether it’s right for your business or not.

The Advantages

  • Employees don’t have to travel.

Every person who is expected to take part in the meeting can do so with the use of their PCs or laptops. There’s no need to travel, allowing the company to save a substantial amount on travel costs. Also, employees won’t be wasting their time travelling. They likewise don’t have to deal with jet lag or lengthy layovers.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

  • It offers schedule flexibility.

People who are always on the go are usually hard to catch, which makes in-person meetings very difficult to organize. Going for an online setup is the solution to this problem. Employees can still join the meeting wherever they may be and all they need is Internet access.

  • There’s less pressure on the employees.

Participating in an online meeting gives employees more personal space and more freedom unless webcams are utilized. Someone who attends a meeting at 7 in the morning can still be in his or her sleepwear. Also, if there’s tension during the meeting, an employee doesn’t have to deal with eyes staring at him or her. The employee can even have a glass of water and take a deep breath without others knowing it.

The Disadvantages

  • Some employees are not tech savvy.

The majority of older employees are not as familiar as the younger ones when it comes to using the computer in conveying information as well as in using online meeting software. They still prefer in-person meetings over online setups.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

  • Company information may be acquired by unauthorized people.

Even if the software has security features, there’s still a chance that company information will be acquired by someone who is unauthorized. Security issues may arise anytime and this results to the leakage of confidential information. With in-person meetings, confidential information is kept confidential as long as no one speaks out.

  • There are a lot of distractions.

Employees who participate in online meetings tend to lack focus simply because there are a lot of distractions. One may be tempted to browse the Internet instead of listening. An employee may even play games or check emails rather than focus on the meeting.

  • The Verdict

Online meetings are indeed convenient, but it doesn’t mean that they’re appropriate for all situations. There are cases when it’s best to go with in-person meetings like when participants need to brainstorm. There’s no definite form of meeting that’s perfect for all businesses. It depends on your needs. If you’re employees are always travelling, an online meeting may be the best choice. It all boils down to what you want. And in case you decide to go with the virtual form, make sure that you are aware of its disadvantages and you should already know how to deal with them.

Do You Know You Are Going To Be Dumped? Here’s How To Find Out

Getting dumped is every one’s nightmare. The blow to a person’s self-esteem and self-image can be devastating. It is better to be prepared and forewarned that a partner is likely to want an out of a relationship. This can help somewhat in cushioning the effects of being dumped.

There are several warning signs before a person decides to call off a relationship. Look out for them and you will be prepared to face the storm coming your way.

Fewer or No Phone Calls

Early in the relationship your partner would be calling you up at all times of the day and night. Lately, there are hardly any calls. It seems like the person is getting afraid of things moving too fast or feeling trapped. Give them space and find ways to keep your partner interested in you but don’t go overboard. You need to keep your dignity and let go if things are not working out.

How To Survive Being Dumped

How To Survive Being Dumped

Infrequent or No Sex

You and your partner could not get enough of each other. As days or months rolled by there is less and less of it. It could be that your partner has health problems or work related stress or he or she is plain bored of the same old patterns in sex. Make it exciting for the other person. Plan a romantic candle light dinner with dancing and wine and let your mood decide if it is going to be wild night or a more romantic one.

Afraid to Commit

You are planning for the future or may be just a trip and your partner is refusing to make up his/her mind. The person may be having commitment issues. This is not new many men and women fear getting in to committed relationships. They have a fear that they have to sacrifice their independence, their space and have to take responsibility for a family. If this sort of behavior continues it may be time to dump the person rather than wait for them to dump you.

The “I want Space” Speech

When a partner starts talking about needing space it is a clear sign that they want to see less of you. If it is because you have been constantly in each other’s faces then it may be time to give the other person some space… maybe just enough to make you miss each other. But if you find that your partner or you or both are actually relieved to be away from each other then it is time to move on.

it’s time for me to go.

it’s time for me to go.

It’s No Longer Cute

The very things that your partner thought were cute about you starts irritating him/her. He/she picks fights with you over every petty issue. This happens in most relationships. It may be because you are spending way too much time with each other and getting on each other nerves and need some cooling off period. But, if the fights and irritation goes beyond a limit it is time to move on.

Don’t be paranoid that you are going to be dumped and analyze every action and situation in that light. Every relationship goes through certain ups and downs. If deep down both of you care for each other then you will find ways to stay together and ride out of all the storms that come your way. When relationships are not worth fighting for people find excuses and signs to get out of it fast. Either way these warning signs should help you either salvage a relationship or get out of it.

Sleep Deprivation: The Three Biggest Health Problems You Can Avoid

Sleep aids our body to restore itself as well as distribute the day’s learning to different regions of the brain. As we perpetually strip ourselves of slumber, there are observable effects both mentally and physically.

Acne, dark circles around the eyes, and feeling groggy are some of the noticeable results of sleep deprivation. However, most of us trivialize the seriousness of issues springing up from skimping on sleep. You may not be fully aware of this, but the constant sleep deprivation is even more detrimental than just feeling more fatigued than usual. Studies say that less sleep can cause life-threatening illnesses. Here are the 3 biggest health problems caused by lack of sleep which might persuade you not ditching your much-deserved rest.

'Recovery' Sleep May Reverse Some, But NOT All, Effects Of Sleep Loss, Snooze Studies Suggest

‘Recovery’ Sleep May Reverse Some, But NOT All, Effects Of Sleep Loss, Snooze Studies Suggest

Increased risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Researchers discovered that those slumbering fewer than seven hours a night were at an increased risk of heart disease most especially in women under 60 with five hours or less a night. They also state that a brain lacking sleep instantly signals blood vessels to constrict, therefore becoming rigid and unresponsive resulting to increased heart workload to subdue an abnormal vascular system. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, chest pain, malaise, decreased activity tolerance, and palpitations. A deadly combination of habitually missing sleep and stress could be enough to give you hypertension or worse, a heart attack.

If you don’t catching enough Z’s, say hello to Diabetes

Lack of sleep is always associated with stress. Stress inflicted to the body induces an increase in cortisol levels, hence can result to insulin resistance and raises fat storage. Insulin is needed to properly break down glucose and if there is insufficient amount of it plus the excess fat that hinders cell utilization of insulin, there is impaired glucose regulation. This increase in blood sugar levels leads to diabetes. Of course, nobody died from diabetes – just from its complications and noncompliance to diet and medications. Suffer the consequences or avail yourself a nice, ample sleep?

6 Major Health Problems Caused By Lack of Sleep

6 Major Health Problems Caused By Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation and Weakened Immune System: A double whammy

Additionally, increased cortisol levels from stress can weaken the immune system. We are definitely familiar with this as we have all tasted the defeat of our body’s fortress. When our immune system is down, the risk of developing infection is a sure-fire. If you have been down with a flu let’s say after an exam, then you have directly experienced the detrimental effect of just ditching sleep. Continue abusing your body – there is a lot more serious infection or illness you can harbor.

An awful strike on health will soon target you if you don’t give your body what it ultimately deserves. It is important to hit the sack when it’s time to rest. With enough respite, you need not to worry about acquiring illnesses that will hurl you flat on your death bed.

5 Biggest Resume Mistakes To Avoid

When you’re applying for a job the first thing that connects you and your potential employer is a resume. It doesn’t have to tell your life story but it should present you in such a way that it will market you as the best potential candidate the employer wants to have. Writing a resume can appear to be daunting at first but it doesn’t have to remain so. As long as you can write it in such a way that it will pique the interest of your potential employer, your resume is a success. The sole purpose of a resume is merely to ensure that you get an interview.

Avoid these 5 mistakes that will get your resume to the trash pile:

  1. Typos and bad grammar. Have someone read through your resume to ensure that you don’t have these mistakes in bold italics. Bad grammar produces a knee jerk reaction and the person reading will immediately come up with assumptions about your capacity: you aren’t worth the time and your resume deserves to be in the trash bin.

14 Fatal Resume Mistakes

14 Fatal Resume Mistakes

  1. No Focus. A resume should be able to convey the job seeker’s objective regarding the kind of job he wants. A general resume does not say anything about the job seeker and leaves the potential employer confused as to what exactly the candidate wishes to apply for. Uncertainty is not an appealing quality and it will not improve your market value as a job seeker. Potential employers want candidates who are sure of themselves. Self confidence implies capacity and the drive to succeed.

  1. No marketing strategy.A resume is actually an ad campaign about you. Finding a job is all about marketing yourself as the best possible candidate an employer could want. A resume should translate your achievements and career history into an effective marketing strategy that says you are an asset to a company.

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

  1. No highlighted accomplishments. – Employers are not interested in your career history if it does not in any way show the kind of skills an employer can take advantage of. An employer wants an employee who will be an asset to the company and accomplishments show your capacity for action and success. Emphasize relevant skills and related accomplishments, these will increase your perceived value making you a candidate difficult to ignore.

  1. Does not have correct contact information. – What is the point of having an impressive resume when it does not connect you with potential employers? There is a reason why contact information is highlighted and placed at the upper portion of a resume. It is the first thing a potential employer will look for should he want to contact you for an interview. Do not make it difficult for employers to contact you. Many job applicants missed an opportunity to take a shot at their dream job all because of a sloppy resume. Don’t let this happen to you.

These 5 mistakes do not demonstrate your value as an employee. Design your resume to avoid these mistakes and wait for the phone to ring.

Your Corporate Culture Must Be Prepared With Several Solutions

If you want to make your business succeed then you should create a culture that people will be comfortable with. The best possible culture will be one that’s appreciated by all the people who are working for you. It makes everything in the workplace happier and more enjoyable every day.

Establish a Sense of Communication

One way to make your corporate culture its best is to make sure there’s a sense of communication going on. You should engage in more communications with your employees. You also have to ask them what they want from you and what they might already like. A culture that has some kind of communication attached to it will be more likely to thrive as people will be open to talking with their superiors about their particular needs.

C-Level Succession Planning: 5 Things to Remember

C-Level Succession Planning: 5 Things to Remember

Create a Sense of Enjoyment

One problem with some companies is that they tend to be way too serious when trying to work. They tend to focus less on the pleasure of working and more on trying to be perfect. You can fix this problem if you concentrate more on trying to encourage positive emotions in the workplace. This includes keeping the atmosphere light and allowing for the occasional recreational activities or contests within the workplace. Inviting everyone in the workplace participate in a March Madness bracket contest is a good example of this.

Create a Desire to Learn

The best workplaces are the ones where people are willing to learn about what they are doing. They will want to advance as far as possible in their corporate culture and will stay with the latest trends. Your corporate culture should include consistent training and education points that entice people to want to learn. This can include schedule training sessions that can help people learn about the newest technological developments in the workplace.

Is Your Present Job Costing You Your Retirement?

Is Your Present Job Costing You Your Retirement?

Keep the Positive Things Consistent

It’s also good to keep the positive things in your workplace going on properly. Annual events that people look forward to should always be promoted and supported. These promotional points are to allow people to have some fun with what they’re doing.

Encourage the development of traditions so people can feel as though there are good things in the workplace that they will anticipate. It’s easy for people to feel happy and excited when there’s a good sense of consistency going on in the workplace.

Communicate At An Even Level

The final thing to do is to avoid trying to sound like you’re a domineering person in the party. You have to make sure you create a good corporate culture that allows the people who work for you to feel like they’re on the same page as you. You can’t just assume that they are a bunch of know-nothings. You have to respect them and allow them to learn with you about all the different things that you want to operate in the workplace.

You have to make sure that you keep everything in the workplace consistent so people will be more likely to want to stick with your business. After all, the best businesses are the ones where people are more likely to be happy with what they are doing.